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ISO 9001 Certified
ISO 9001 Certified










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3.0V Lithium CR 2450

Key Pad:

Silicone Keypad

Operating Temperature:

0 -50 C  |  32 -122 F

Storage Temperature:

-10 - 70 C | 14-158 F

Operating Moisture:

Cards/Fobs Compatibility:

Battery life(*):

20 – 80% Rh (without condensation)
71g (excluding deadbolt and mounting items)

125 KHZ

10 years (for 10 uses a day)


IP54 Rating  on dust ingress
and water spray/moisture


(*)Battery life may vary in accordance with battery brand, programming parameters and environmental conditions of the product is used.)

NOTE:  This product is not intended for use outdoors at temperatures under freezing due to Lithium Battery poor performance at those temperatures.


WARNING- California Residents-
(Proposition 65

Electronic Locks   Electronic Locks \

WARNING- California Residents- (Proposition 65) Locks Dimensions          

  electronic cabinet locks

Electronic Metal Locker Lock
Special Order 1/2" cylinder

electronic locks   electronic locks
 short cam               long cam
 cutout dimensions
electronic locks
1-1/2 offset cam
with 1/4" offset
 Article in National Locksmith Magazine
Video of the Cycle Testing Equipment Here
Document testing battery life here.
Packaging-  Click on image to enlarge

Electronic locks   Electronic locks
Electronic cabinet locks Electronic Locks
                      Plain Box                        White Box            Black Box Front


Combi-Cam E Factory

Our products go through a minimum of a 10 step testing process prior to being sold.  Battery performance, functionality, temperature, moisture resistance, vibration are electrostatic are just a few of the tests we put our products through for assured quality.  We also test our products through an independent laboratory as well. 

electronic locks electronic locks

Automation in the production process allows us to keep costs for our customers low while maintaining consistent quality.
electronic locks
electronic locks Design Team

Our engineers specialize in focusing on ergonomic functionality resulting in user friendly, compact design that is environmentally friendly.
Mechanical Testing Robot

Combi-Cam E products through the R & D phase with 100,000 locking cycles with mechanical testing. The Mechanical Testing Robot (MTR) also tests the battery life of the Combi-Cam E product. This process is ongoing with our dedication to continue to design very low battery consumption

WARNING- California Residents- (Proposition 65) locks.

electronic locks
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