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Features- Locker Combination Locks


rfid lock, rfid locks, rfid cabinet lock   New RFID Model

locker combination locks
Reduce the hassle of replacing batteries!locker combination locks
Compact- no ugly, boxy locks!locker combination lock
Flexible- Surface or Semi-Flush Mount

locker combination lock
Surface or Semi-Flush
Electronic Drawer Locks


The Combi-Cam E combination locker locks are eco-friendly electronic locks offering compact design and flexible features at a very attractive price. Although some may not care as much for the eco-friendly aspect, it does also translate into far less frequent battery changes by the users of the lock which, of course, means less time spent changing batteries on all the locks installed in a particular job (i.e. some poor soul having to frequently change out hundreds of batteries at a time!)

All programming is controlled via the master password with no expensive key to lose or become defective. The compact design of this product allows it to be a solution in a wide variety of applications. Great for lockers, medical carts, data racks, cabinets, safes, gun boxes and more! Ideal for gyms, schools, hospitals, hotels, care homes, etc.

Why MiniK10?

- Retrofits all standard keyed cam locks
- Master program and override codes
- Users set own code, not tool required
- Long battery life- Up to 10 Years!!
- Compact, attractive design
- One time use mode as well (Locker Mode)
- Audio/visual feedback and warnings
- Flexibility of features w/program menu
- Low battery warning 100 cycles prior
- Battery override in case of dead battery
- Master, service, and user passwords
- Can be installed left or right handed
- Easy to install and use
- Surface or semi-flush mounting
- 5 min. lock out after 3 false code entries
- Knob is burglar/torque proof
- Install in wood or metal applications
- Durable and reliable - Meets IP-55 standards for humidity
- Models include PIN #, RFID and NFC (cloud based) versions.
- Available in black, white, vertical and horizontal versions.

- Oh, and all above at a competitive price!


- Offer a product without frequent, annoying battery changes. Lower long term maintenance cost.

- No key to lose or become defective

- Compact design provides more attractive installation with a wider scope of applications.

- Can be used for individual use or multiple users in locker mode

- Competitive price allows you to offer a competitive, solid security solution.

- Far more eco-friendly with less batteries going to the landfill which also translates to far less time and cost to replace batteries periodically.

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combination locker locks



combination locker locks
RFID Locker Locks

rfid lock, rfid locks, rfid cabinet lock   New RFID Model

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