No Need to hassle with Keys!

Combi-Cam 4-Dial Combination Lock

Cabinet Hardware


4-dial Combi-Cam combination cam lock offering 10,000 possible combinations.  The secure, all-metal keyless cam lock replaces any ¾” keyed cam lock with 10,000 possible combinations that you can easily reset within seconds. 

For those locations where there's a large number of people who will have access to the lock, the 4-dial Combi-Cam combination cam lock is a perfect cabinet hardware solution.  It's great for mailboxes, medical offices, lockers and more.  You can be assured of high security with 10,000 possible combinations.

 The 4-dial keyless combination cabinet lock is available in 5/8" cylinder length, and chrome finish. 

Durable, All-metal Construction Cabinet Hardware

 The 4-dial Combi-Cam is a top quality keyless cam lock with all solid die-cast zinc components.


Easy to Use

The 4-dial Combi-Cam, combination cam lock, is very easy to use.  Simply give another person the 4-digit number to open the cam.  The 4-dial access is a big upgrade over the traditional dial system since it is more secure and does not require confusing sequential steps.  With the 4-dial Combi-Cam, if you are off one number, simply correct that number... NO NEED TO START OVER AGAIN.


Easy to Recombinate 

The Combi-Cam is the easiest combination cam lock to recombinate and only takes seconds.  You will not need any special tools to open the Combi-Cam lock.  Simply follow the below easy, quick instructions:

 - Have the Combi-Cam set on the combination that opens the cam

- Using a paper clip, push the change button in while setting to the new combination

- Start with the dial on the farthest left, and work toward the right

- Release the change button after desired combination is dialed in

- You're ready to go!

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