No Need to hassle with Keys!

RFID Lock 

All The Great Features of the

CombiCam E with the

addition of RFID Card Access!

RFID Cabinet Locks

The RFID Combi-Cam E Lock has the same very popular features such as 8 year battery life, normal or locker modes, compact size and more.

The RFID Cabinet Lock model can be programmed to either accept numerical input or RFID cards, fobs or bracelets.  

RFID cards can be used in the following manner:

Up to 12 cards per RFID Locker lock (including Maser and Service)

Multiple cards per RFID lock (locker mode). Any card, fob or bracelet presented in open mode is the same to unlock

One card per multiple RFID locks

 RFID Lock      RFID Locks                                        RFID Lock                rfid card
            RFID Key Fob                                         RFID Wrist Band                                                           Click here to order custom printed rfid cards

The Combi-Cam RFID Cabinet Lock offers an ergonomic, compact form cabinet lock that makes it more versatile in more applications. The amazing, up to 10 year battery life translates into far less periodic battery changes which requires less labor on cost for years down the road. The Combi-Cam E retrofits any cabinet lock application without permanent, further cutouts required to make the lock fit. The Combi-Cam E standard offers a variety of optional programming features and the RFID version adds yet a few more. A low battery indicator flashes for 250 uses (which human nature tends to ignore!) and a temporary battery supply is easy by simply connecting a new battery to the two light nodes long enough to enter the code and open up the lock.

The RFID version offers even more versatility with up to 12 users, including master and service access in standard mode. In One Time Use Mode (Locker Mode) any compatible 125 KHZ RFID device presented (card, fob or bracelet) when the RFID Cam lock is open then becomes the same device to then close and open the RFID lock. One card can control multiple RFID locks, multiple cards to one RFID lock, etc. – All can be overridden with a master card for lost cards, etc.



Up to 10 year battery life! (8 year on RFID)- No periodic battery change hassle!

Retrofits current standard RFID cam locks with no permanent, additional cutting required

Compact, ergonomic design is more versatile for more applications

RFID Lock version offers up to 12 users including master and service

Standard mode and One Time Use Mode (multiple users in a day present card to lock when it is open and use it)

Can be installed flush or semi-flush

RFID Lock version can also be reverted back to code only access if needed in future

Simple to program with a lot of optional features

Comes with different accessories depending on the customer: key fob, wristband, or traditional key card

IP55 Compliant- water and dust proof. Ideal for sauna and shower areas

Low battery indicator and also a battery supply backup connecting to two front light nodes

The Combi-Cam E is an ideal electronic RFID cam lock for most applications featuring more compact design, longer battery life and more features at a better price!

Digital Cabinet Locks  

One Time Use (Locker Mode)

Sometimes also called Day Use, different users  utilize the locker during the day. Each person walks up with their with a 125MHZ compatible RFID device (card, fob, bracelet) to an open lock / locker and after placing their items into the locker, uses their card to lock and later unlock the locker.

1. Push any button to wake up the lock

2. Hold middle of card to Combi-Cam logo for 3 seconds.

3. After confirmation beep/green light, turn the knob to lock

4. Upon return repeat steps 1 and 2 to unlock

RFID Locker Locks  

Normal Mode

Normal mode is one user assigned to one locker with their own card.

1. Push any button to wake up the lock

2. Hold middle of card to Combi-Cam logo for 3 seconds.

3. After confirmation beep/green light, turn the knob to unlock

4. To lock, return the knob to the locked position

Up to 12 users can be programmed to access each RFID electronic lock (including master and service cards).


RFID Door Lock  

Master Card

Any RFID lock that is in any mode, the use of the master card works on all locks (must be programmed in each lock when set up).

1. Push any button to wake up the electronic RFID lock

2. Hold middle of card to Combi-Cam logo for 3 seconds.

3. After confirmation beep/green light, turn the knob to unlock

The Master Card can also be used to do various programming to the electronic RFID lock. See instructions for more information.


RFID Lock Instructions

The RFID Locker lock can also be switched back and forth from RFID card access to numerical code access.  See instructions for information on programming..

Electronic Cabinet Locks





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