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The hSC Combi-Cam E model is ideal for remote management anywhere in the world over the cloud (no connection required) and also to issue time limited access via 10 levels from one hour to one year or issue a One Use Access during a limited time period.


Locker Locks with time limits RFID 125 khz Proximity Locker LocksWake Button

Remote Control of Locks for Limited Period

- Remote control and programming of locks anywhere in the world

- No connection required by lock- access granted via cloud and mobile device

- Send codes to users for limited time access from one minute to a year

- No Wi-Fi or Internet Access required by lock. Code is received via mobile device over the cloud.

Ideal For:

- Athletic Clubs
- Swimming Pools
- Theme Parks
- Package Lockers
- Rental Lockers
- Temporary Staff Lockers
- And more!

NFC cabinet locksUse phone to  pair/register lock via NFC
hopinlock manager hopinlock management app with hSC technology
Remote Locker Locks
Send registered user access via Cloud
security in the cloud locker locks

Digital Locker Lock with Remote Management
Granting access over the cloud via mobile device
Locker Lock Cloud based, NFC Lock
Combi-Cam hSC App sends access code to user




Remote access to any locker across the globe with no WiFi or internet required except for your mobile device.

No keys, cards or anything else needed to open the lock other than a cell phone and access code over the cloud.

Access can be granted from one minute up to one year or single use during set period.

Manager of the lock, using the Combi-Cam E hSC App, generates a 8 digit code via SMS that is encrypted and time stamped.  After entering that code, user can then set their unique 4 PIN.

At the end of the set time period, the user's hSC PIN is no longer valid and user no longer has access.

Phase II-  Ability to remotely pay for use of a lock on phone app.


NFC Locker Lock



Control access to locks remotely via the hopinlock cloud platform with the free Combi-Cam hSC app.  Distance is no issue,  should it be next door or the next state over.   Requires NFC compatible Android mobile device (most devices past few years).
List of NFC compatible phones here.

Set up Admins, Users and Locks.

Manager of locks registers/pairs each lock in the app giving  it a lock number, location and description.

Users are set up with name, phone and, email. To assign them to a lock, an 8 digit encrypted code is sent out granting them access after entering in their own unique 4 digit PIN.
- Users can be given only one time access
or access from one hour up to one year.
- Once time period expires, they lose access.

App visually shows which locks are in use. Run reports, based on a selected time frame, who accessed what locks and for what length of time.

Rent out and assign lockers for one hour up to one year.

Notification of which lockers are empty and which ones are expired.

Use management app to override a lock.

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