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Overriding Lock Battery

The battery on the miniK10 lasts for many years, up to 10 with the most efficient function options.   Before the battery runs out the lock red light will flash 5 times after each use for 100-150 times as a warning before the battery runs out.

If the user does not heed the above warnings and the lock battery does run out, the battery can be overridden long enough to use the code to open up the electronic lock and change the battery for many more years of use.

We could sell you a small tool that you would lose in the next few years :-)  or you could follow the simple steps below:

1.  Get two paperclips and a 3.0V Lithium CR2450 battery (same one you will install once you open lock)

2. Straighten out the paperclips as shown

3.  Put a paperclip on each side of the battery

4. Touch each paperclip to each node at the tope of the ock making sure that the bottom (+ positive side) of the battery is the paperclip touching the left node.

5. Enter in your  code to open up the lock.

It is that simple!  The new battery can now be installed.  Note that given the 100-150 warning events prior to the battery running out, the need to override the battery would be rare.

NOTE: In a couple generations of our product we used a battery that was slightly larger even longer life!  The battery is super tight though!  If the battery seems really tight, simply snap off the tab holding the top of the battery (screwdriver scraping from the side see here).   To remove battery, pop the battery out via the cavity to the right of the tab.

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