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How to Code Locks
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The MiniK10 offers flexible programming tailored to your needs.  The below are definitions to programming code locks options in chart.  See see the programming  menu chart to code locks, click  here.


Program #






Restores factory settings:  Factory default settings are restored.  The user code becomes <1-0-1-0> while master code becomes <1-0-1-0-1-0>. #XXXXXX* 0 1
restores factory default
1 1
Individual mode vs. Locker Mode -
0. Individual Mode- only one code is in operation.  Must know the current code to change the code.  Would be used for one person always using the area secured.

1. Locker / One-time-use mode - 4-digit user code (which can be entered at any time) is saved until the lock is opened.  In open mode the next person can come along and entry any 4-digit number to close the lock and use the same number to open the lock.  Popular function for gyms and scenarios where several people access the secured area during the day.

#XXXXXX* 1 1
programs the lock into locker mode
2 1 Volume control:  All the audio warnings can be turned off if mute operation is selected (except warning beeps).

1. Audio feedback each time a button is pushed. Note:  This function impacts the life of the battery.

0. Audio feedback turned off when buttons are pushed

#XXXXXX* 2 0
turns off audio feedback
3 0 Penalty operation:  Prevents unauthorized lock use.  Blocks lock for 5 minutes when wrong password is entered 3 times.

0. Lockout function off - does not lockout user if wrong code is entered in 3 times

1. Lockout function on  If the wrong password is entered in three times in a row, lock blocks user for 5 minutes. Note:  This function impacts the life of the battery.

#XXXXXX* 3 1
turns on lockout feature
4 0 Sets the user password to factory default 1-0-1-0 #XXXXXX*  4 0
5 0 Service code:  The lock can be opened with this code. If user code is forgotten, the lock can be opened with service code.  Service code when activated has a default code of <1-0-1-0-1> until changed.

0. Service code not active-

1. Service code is active  - Program 8 below further expands the role of the service code.  Program 9 limits the role of the service code.


#XXXXXX* 0 1
activates service code
6 1 Closing modes:  by default no code is required to close the lock.  This function, of course, is only available in individual mode because locker mode a new code for each new user is always required to close the lock. 

1. Password not required- lock can be closed without a password

0. Password required - Requires a password to be entered in individual mode  before locking the secured area.

#XXXXXX* 6 0
activates password required to close the lock
7 0 Door open warning:  After the door is open for one minute, the lock gives an audible warning to the user for 8 times every 5 seconds, in order to let the user know the door has been left open. 

0. Door open warning not active- When the door is left open, the lock will not emit a warning after one minute.

1. Door open warning active- When the door is left open, the lock will  emit a warning after one minute.  Note:  This function impacts the life of the battery.

#XXXXXX* 7 1
Lock will give warning after 1 minute if locks is left unlocked
8 0 Resetting user code:  If the lock is open with service code, user code can be reset.  (see program #5 on service codes)

0. Resetting user code not active-

1. Resetting user code is active  - Note, service code needs to be activated first in Program 5


#XXXXXX* 8 1
allows service code to reset user password if service code is active in #5
9 0 Blocking the lock:  If the  lock is opened with service code, the lock can be blocked.  (see program #5 on service codes)

0. Blocking the lock not active- service code is allowed to open the lock and the lock functions normally.

1.Blocking the lock  active- requires service code to be active in Program 5.  Service code grants access to open the lock but once open, the lock is blocked, not functioning, until the master code is entered to reset the lock.

#XXXXXX* 9 1
allows service code to open lock, but then blocks it if service code is active in #5
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