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Combi-Cam Ultra Combination Door Lock


(1) Does it matter which direction the cam is installed?

The Combi-Cam Ultra gives you the flexibility to install the cam in 90 degree increments with our two hole cams and 180 degree increments on our single hole cams allowing you to be flexible for any installation scenario.

(2) How do I set my combination to my own code?

The combination door lock can be set at any time just so you are on the current opening combination.  Simply hold down the top button while turning the dials to your desired combination.

(3) My employee lost their combination!  How do I bypass the combination door lock and reset the lock to another combination??

You can retrieve the current combination with the master key. With the #7432 combination cam lock, you use the retrieve pin on the back of the lock to find the current combination. With the #7440 combination cam lock, you use the master key to find the current combination.

(4) Can the cam lock be installed horizontally or vertically?

Yes, the Combi-Cam Ultra can be installed both horizontally or vertically for flexibility.

(5) Why is the code retrieval function so important?

The code retrieval function is very important! If you or your staff member/student forget their combination, you can use the master key/retrieval pin to find the current combination & then reset the combination. Most combination locks either have no way to find the current combination or you are only able to use the master key to open the lock when you forgot your combination. The code retrieval function allows you to continue using the lock and not throw it away!

(6) What is the warranty on the Combi-Cam Ultra?

The Combi-Cam Ultra has a one year warranty which does not include forgotten combinations.

(7) What material thickness do these locks work with?

7432L / 7440L with 1-1/8" cylinder = material thickness up to 7/8"

7432M / 7440M with 7/8" cylinder = material thickness up to 5/8"

7432S / 7440S with 5/8" cylinder = material thickness up to 3/8"

8) What is the difference between the 7432 and the 7440?

7432 7440
10,000 combinations 1,000 combinations
Code retrieved from the
back of the lock with the code
retrieve pin
Code retrieved by turning
the key to the right and
rolling the dials until the
stop on the combination
Normal size dials with
black on nickel
Larger dials w/ white
letters on back

8) Why is the Combi-Cam Ultra the best choice as a combination lock with key override?

-  More competitive price
-  Better quality product
-  Higher security product
-  Far easier to use and reset combination
-  Only lock where combination can be retrieved with master key
-  Minimal rotation- whole housing does not rotate defacing surface, just the knob that actuates the cam.
-  Easier to read dials

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Combi-Cam Ultra, the best solution on the market for combination and key dual access.


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