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 Combination Camlocks FJM Security
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Accessories with each Combi-Cam

Combination Camlocks
Combination Camlock Combination Camlock
- 1-1/2" Straight Cam can be placed in 45 degree increments

- 3/4" Straight Cam can be placed in 90 degree increments

- 90 degree stop cam allows cam to rotate 90 degrees clockwise from any of the above  positions.

- 1-1/2" reversible 1/4" offset cam provides versatility in applications

- Pronged washer for wood applications

1. Camlock Cams     2. Cam lock Cams
Stop Cam placement (Position 1 at left) allows the cam to rotate to the right as you face the front of the lock. Stop Cam Placement (Position 2 at left) for the cam to rotate to the left as you face the front of the lock



Combination Cabinet Locks
Normal Display
Combination CamLocks
RV Compartments
Combination Locks

Optional Accessories

Cam lock fingerpull Camlock fingerpull Finger Pull
Allows Combination Camlocks to be used as a handle
Cam lock cover Camlock cover Cover
Conceal and Protect Dials on combination camlocks
camlock strike plate cam lock strike plate

Offset Cams

camlocks cam
2-1/3"  with 1/4" offset
    ...camlock cam
7850-*   1-1/4" with 1/4" offset
7850-N   1-7/16" with 1/4" offset
camlocks cam
1-1/2"  with 1/2" offset
camlocks cam camlock cam camlock cam
7850-M-  7/8" with 1/4" offset
camlock cam camlock cam
7850-M-CC  1-1/4" with 1/8" offset

Straight Cams

cam locks
7850-B-  1-1/4"
  combination camlocks
1-5/16" straight cam
7850-A-  7/8"
combinated camlocks cams for cam locks
7850-E-01  1-17/32"
cams for cam locks cams for cam locks
7850-B   9/16" straight cam
cams for cam locks cams for camlocks ..
7850-D     1-21/32 straight cam

7850-52mm 2-1/16"

Special Cams

cams for camlocks
Hook Cam B
7850-Tent Cam
cams for camlocks   hook cams
hook cams

hook cams
Hook Cam
hook cams    


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