No Need to hassle with Keys!

Combination Cabinet Locks:
Secure, Durable & Easy to Use

The original dial combination cabinet locks with years of durability and trusted reliability.


Pick a combination that is easy for you to remember. You can be assured that your number is secure with over 1,000 combinations possible (10,000 possible on our four dial version)

Durable All-metal Construction

The Combi-Cam is the best quality combination cabinet lock with all solid Die-cast zinc components

Easy to Use

The Combi-Cam is very easy to use. Simply give another person the 3 digit number to open the cam. The 3 dial access is a big improvement over the "gym locker" Dial System because it is more secure and does not require confusing sequential steps. With the Combi-Cam, if you are off one number, simply correct that number... NO NEED TO START OVER AGAIN (which is VERY frustrating!):

The Old Gym Locker Dial System- 12 right, 8 left, 17 right. If your finger slips or you don't dial it just right START OVER.

The Combi-Cam combination cabinet locks system - OPENS UP THE FIRST TIME, EVERY TIME.

Easy to Recombinate

The Combination Cabinet Lock is the easiest Cam Lock to recombinate and only takes seconds. You do not need any special tools or a mechanical degree to open the Combi-Cam. Simply follow the below easy, quick instructions:

  1. Have the Combi-Cam set on the combination that opens the Cam
  2. Using a paper clip, push the set screw in while setting to the new combination
  3. Release change button after desired number is dialed in
  4. And that is all!
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Durability / Reliability

Well established with years of proven durability and reliability.



Combination Cabinet Lock FJM Security
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Purchasing Combi-Cam

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Combination Cabinet Locks
Available in 5/8", 7/8",1-1/8"
& 1-3/8"

Combination Cabinet Locks

Combination Cabinet Lock

Combination Cabinet Lock

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