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The Combi-Cam was the first dial combination cam lock on the market with years of reliability and durability. 
The Combi-Cam is a solid metal combination cam lock with up to...
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The Combi-Cam ULTRA with master key override not only allows the lock to be opened, but the key can also allow the code to be discovered and set to a new combination!!
Great for schools, hospitals and

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The Combi-Cam MAX features an optional One Time Use Mode for lockers with master key override not only allowing lock to be opened, but  key can also allow  code to be discovered and set to a new combination!!  Other features include ratcheting knob, flush install and deadlocking...  Learn More...

The Combi-Cam E is an electronic locker lock at affordable pricing offering optional master codes and one time use functionality. The Combi-Cam E series offers flexibility with 3 different functions... Learn More...

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Combination Cam Lock


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Combination Cam Lock