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Included Accessories:  Keyless Combination Cam Lock

combination cam lock FJM Security
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Keyless Combination Cam Lock
-  1-1/2” straight cam, dual hole
-  90 degree stop ca
-  ” cylinder nut and screw
-  Pronged washer for wood applications
-  Metric M7-1.0 Nut (for the cam)

The Three finger washer included is installed under the M7 nut and after the nut is tightened, the 3 fingers can be bent up to capture 3 sides of the nut to prevent it from backing off over time.


Optional Accessories:

Keyless Combination Cam Lock

Finger Pull- 7850-FP

Allows combination cam locks to be used as a handle

Keyless Combination Cam Lock

Keyless Cam Lock

Door Handle Insert- 7432-HANDLE

Allow use of the 7432 version of the Combi-Cam Ultra to be used in metal locker applications with integrated handle.


Keyless Cam Lock

Master Keys and Code Discovery Pin-

7432- Optional keys used to override the combination of the 7432 model of the Combi-Cam Ultra.  Pin discovers current combination after opening the lock. 

Master Keys -

7440- Optional keys used to override the combination of the 7440 model of the Combi-Cam Ultra.  Keys also discover the current combination code. 

Pronged Washer

Pronged Washer- 7850-PW




Keyless Cam Lock

1-1/2" cam, 1/4" offset



cabinet locks

 Listed from left to right

Keyless Cam Lock

1-1/4" cam, 1/8" offset

Keyless Cam Lock

2-1/4" cam, 1/4" offset       


combination cam lock


1-1/4" cam, 1/2" offset


1-1/2" cam, 1/8" offset

Keyless Cam Lock

1-1/4" cam, 1/4" offset

combination cam lock

2" cam, 1/2" offset


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