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Electronic Cabinet Locks- Documents

Electronic cabinet locks

Below are documents covering installation and programming of the MiniK10 Electronic Cabinet Locks.

More instructions along with videos can be found by clicking on

Installation- Brief Instructions

Quick reference for installing in most scenarios. Includes template for mounting hole.


Electronic cabinet locks

Manual for Programming and Use

Covers setting up the Comb-Cam E for the first time
- Programming other features besides factory default
- Setting up for individual use or locker mode
    (multiple users)
- Setting up User Code
- Setting up master code and (optional) service code

electronic cabinet locks

Semi-Flush Wood Mount

Installation template for installing the MiniK10 Semi-Flush into wood.


Electronic code locks

Semi-Flush Metal Mount for Electronic Locker Locks

Installation template for installing the MiniK10 Semi-Flush into metal.



electronic locker locks
Right Hand vs Left Hand on Digital Locker Locks

Confused on the terms right handed vs left handed?  This documents makes it clear and how to position the stop cam for your door.  Most applications are right handed.


Code Digital Locks
Definitions of How to Code Locks

Chart that explains some of the features that can be programmed and the flexible options available


Menu for Programming Electronic locker locks

Chart detailing the programming options available.


electronic locker locks
Overriding the Battery

Instructions on how to override a battery.  Prior to the battery running out the red LED light will flash 5 times for 100-150 uses prior to the battery running out.  HOWEVER,  if all those are ignored, here are the steps to get in and put a new battery in! 


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