Combination Cam Locks

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Combination Cam Locks

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Accessories Furnished with each Combi-Cam

    - 1-1/2" Straight Cam can be placed in 45  
      degree increments

    - 3/4" Straight Cam can be placed in 90
      degree increments

    - 90 degree stop cam allows cam to rotate 90
      degrees clockwise from any of the above

    - 1-1/2" reversible 1/4" offset cam provides  
      versatility in applications

    - Pronged washer for wood applications

1.     2.
    Stop Cam placement (Position 1 at left) allows the cam to rotate to the right as you face the front of the lock
    Stop Cam Placement (Position 2 at left) for the cam to rotate to the left as you face the front of the lock

Optional Accessories

Finger Pull

Allows Combination Camlocks to be used as a handle

Combi-Cam Cover

Conceal and Protect Dials on combination camlocks

Offset Cams

2-1/3"  with 1/4" offset


1-1/2"  with 1/2" offset

1-1/4" Cam with 1/8" offset

7850-M-CC  1-1/4" with 1/8" offset


7850-*   1-1/4" with 1/4" offset




7850-N   1-7/16" with 1/4" offset

7/8" cam offset 1/4"

7850-M-  7/8" with 1/4" offset

Straight Cams




7850-A-  7/8"



7850-B-  1-1/4"


7850-E-01  1-17/32"

5/8" Straight Cam

7850-B   9/16" straight cam

1-21/32" straight cam

7850-D     1-21/32 straight cam

Special Cams


Hook Cam

Hook Cam



13/16" Bent Cam

Hook Cam

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