4 Dial Combination Cam Lock

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Four Dial Original Combi-Cam


The secure, all-metal combination cam lock replaces any ” keyed cam lock and has 10,000 possible combinations that you can easily reset within seconds.  To reset the combination, simply have it on the opening combination for the cam and push in the reset button.

The Combi-Cam is a great solution for those environments that have multiple employees accessing the cabinets, and keeping track of keys is a hassle.  Great for use on cabinet doors, drawers, tool boxes, lockers, security boxes, chests, equipment, and more.

The 4-dial Combi-Cam is available in 5/8” cylinder length, and both black and chrome finish.

 Easy to Recombinate

The 4 Dial Combination CamLock is the easiest Cam Lock to recombinate and only takes seconds. You do not need any special tools or a mechanical degree to open the Combi-Cam. Simply follow the below easy, quick instructions:

  1. Have the Combi-Cam set on the combination that opens the Cam
  2. Using a paper clip, push the set screw in while setting to the new combination
  3. Release change button after desired number is dialed in
  4. And that is all!
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Durability / Reliability

Combi-Cam is well established with years of proven durability and reliability.




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